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Destin Inshore Fishing Trip Information

Captain Shane Johnson Has a genuine passion for Destin Inshore Fishing, as an avid Outdoorsman who has mastered the fine art of catching beautiful and delicious native fish species all along the Florida Panhandle inshore, nearshore, and offshore with more than 20 Years of Experience getting on the right spot for a memorable and FUN fishing adventure in Destin, Panama City, Florida.

Destin Inshore Fishing, Tours & Sunset Cruises:

∙ Redfish & Speckled Trout ∙White Trout
∙ Flounder ∙ Sheepshead ∙ Bluefish ∙ Ladyfish ∙

∙ Crevalle Jack ∙ Red, White & Black Snapper
∙ Trigger Fish ∙ Mahi-Mahi ∙ King Mackarel & More!

∙ Big ole Redfish & Speckled Trout, mostly – but we keep an open mind!

Feel the breeze blowing as we head out on-board our custom 2018 Sportsman Masters 227 – the perfect boat for both fishing and relaxing on the bays and bayous of Destin and Panama City regions. Comfortable and stable, with bow seating for sunset and dolphin-watching and relaxing, plus a gorgeous center console area with very comfortable rear seating, lots of storage for gear, food & drinks you’ll bring aboard.  The Masters 227 platform allows lots of room for moving around and strategically arranged options for maximum fishing productivity around 360° of casting perimeter.

Equipped with the latest technology including an i-Pilot trolling system, latest fish-finding electronics. 50 gallons of Live Well space.



4-Hour Inshore Adventure

$600 – for the 1st four hours ($125 additional hour on a customized trip schedule)

8-Hour Inshore Fishing Adventure

$900 – Max 4 Persons (can do one more than that if the 5th is a young person 15 & Under)

2-Hour Kid-Friendly

$400 – Total of 5 passengers allowed – Great for young kids who may not last a four-hour or longer. Based on schedule availability.

Eco-Sunset Cruise, Dolphin-Watching

$75 Hour – consists of a relaxed tour in the late evening to fully enjoy the spectacle of a Destin Sunset. You can bring your own delicious sunset meal with wine or other beverages and kick your feet to take it all in on our bow area sunset seating – AND WE CAN CHANGE THE VIEW WHENEVER YOU WANT! You don’t necessarily have to look at nature in all her glory because we can get you a view of beachfront condos, bridges, canals, FIREWORKS SHOWS (Baytowne Wharf shoots fireworks on weekends), and more.

(Case-by-Case Basis with Advanced Notification for Safety Purposes – 6-Hour Minimum to allow for transit to and from launch)
$700 For Nearshore trips where we take our clients into the beautiful Gulf of Mexico through the Destin East Pass (each additional hour on a customized trip agenda $125) – Nearshore trips typically involve about an hour run to the first fishing spot and we keep it between 7 to 9 miles (for client comfort and to maximize the amount of time on the fish). We include cleaning and filleting your catch to take with you conveniently after the trip.

(Note: for Night Trips, book BY PHONE ONLY (850) 635-1459 please to prevent scheduling conflicts)

$300 (2 Hours) or $400 (3 Hours) – Total of 4 (four) passengers allowed Based on schedule availability.

Just imagine having the stars overhead and the moon glinting beautifully off the water, highlighting just where to make the cast because those babies are coming up from the hidey-holes they use to avoid the hotter water during daylight and they are starving, congregating around bridge pilings, docks and other areas with light and you’re the only grub on the dinner-time buffet!

Southern Renegade Charters’ Night-time Inshore Flatwater Fishing is a super-fun, adventurous way to get in what can be a bonanza of catches with far less competition on the water and no sun beating down on you – no sunburn, so fishing fans who want a bit of relief while having something WAY MORE INTERESTING than most things you can do on vacation.

  • Action-packed, We don’t go fishing, we go CATCHING on these trips.
  • We use live bait only.
  • We won’t stay out all night and drive forever in the dark, we will launch from certain areas and stay within a few miles from where we launch the boat or where we pick you up from.
  • The boat is equipped with all the safety equipment needed to fish in the dark. We won’t be out in the middle of the ocean, we will be in close proximity to land.
  • We will be targeting Speckled Trout and Redfish (Red Drum) mainly.
  • It’s extremely fun to stalk these fish at night!
  • It’s not HOT – especially important in the summertime when you are getting roasted by the sun trying to catch fish.
  • Guaranteed to catch fish!


We gladly consider arrangements to pick up and drop off at a specific location like one of the many waterfront restaurants in the region, more than one of which will actually COOK YOUR CATCH.

What About Tipping – What’s Considered Standard?

15-20% is a standard tip in our industry for a satisfactory fishing trip – and though it is not mandatory, it is greatly appreciated.


LIFE VESTS ARE PROVIDED – Per Coast Guard regulations and just plain old common sense, each passenger will have a life vest available for use.

What’s the Maximum Capacity per Trip?

Captain Johnson prefers to give one-on-one attention to those who need it during your adventure and ensures not to overcrowd the vessel, not to mention the benefit of more freedom of movement and comfort for you as you move about. Our Sportsman Masters 227 will easily handle our MAXIMUM CAPACITY of FOUR PASSENGERS but will happily tack on one more rider under 16 if (for a total of 5).*

  • If 5th added, $50

Suggested Items To Bring on the Trip?

  • BASIC SAFETY & COMFORT – Each passenger will have a life vest available for use and provided as part of our service.
  • Sun Protective Clothing – To avoid sunburn, wear your favorite sun-protective fishing shirt(s), hat, and sunglasses that can cut down on glare while looking at the water for your target.
  • SPF Sunscreen – IMPORTANT!!! The Florida sun is why people come, but it can be silently merciless when reflecting off the surface of the water and bouncing off the sugar-white sands of the area’s shorelines.  Don’t let sunburn sneak up on you – avoid looking and feeling like a cooked lobster by using an appropriate level of SPF protection!
  • Preferred Beverages and Soft Drinks – in addition to plenty of water to avoid thirst.
  • NO NEED FOR A COOLER – We’ll have plenty of ice and storage space to keep your food and snacks fresh.  If you have a ‘lucky’ cooler that’s not large, just let Shane know.

What’s your Cancellation & Refund policy?

Southern Renegade Charters wants to make sure your fishing experience is both memorable and completely satisfactory, but nothing we might catch out there is worth your safety, so we maintain a Cancellation Policy that is both fair and reasonable.

Captain Johnson requires at least 48 hours notice for a 100% Refund. Cancellation with no advanced notice voids deposit.

BAD WEATHER – Your safety is paramount.  If Captain Johnson determines that the weather is untenable for the trip and the boat does not leave the dock you will be refunded 100% of your payment.

OTHER REASONS – (legitimate, unavoidable emergencies and such) Advanced Notification required and any returns judged on a case-by-case basis with fairness in mind.

Any Restrictions on What We Bring Aboard?

  • USE OF ALCOHOL – Moderate alcohol (beer, wine, etc.) is allowed with consideration for the presence of any young people onboard. We like to have fun on our trips but we’re not a party boat, per se. Besides, you should keep in mind that the more alcohol consumed, the easier for dehydration and even possible seasickness to set in.
  • NO GPS DEVICES. The captain reserves the right to cancel the trip without a refund if any tracking device is found onboard the boat.
  • AVOID LARGE CARRY-ON COOLERS – We have plenty of storage space onboard for the essential and food & drink items that would fit into a medium-sized cooler.

Watch Your Feet & Use Your Seat – The captain requests passengers remain seated while the boat is underway (our vessel can flat-out haul). Keep an economically sound grip on your baseball caps, hats and such – don’t want your first catch to be your spanking new Auburn or Bama hat blown off in the wind.

CASTING CONTROL – Situational awareness out on the water is always important, whether it’s keeping an eye on the weather or being aware of where other people are in the boat before you do your backcast so that people don’t get knocked in the head with a sharp hook.

REGARDING SEASICKNESS RISK – If you have a tendency toward seasickness when out on rougher water then inshore trips may be the perfect answer for you. Our inshore trips have access to dozens of miles of fish-friendly shoreline are geared toward finding good water for a comfortable fishing experience without the large waves associated with long offshore trips. Folks who have a hard time going offshore will enjoy the action along our many bayous, inlets, bridges, and the like where the water is far less choppy and more likely to be smooth or even glassy. With all that shoreline to fish, another benefit is that your inner ear will be happier when you can keep land always in sight, providing a balance reference point that greatly reduces the chances (or severity) of any seasickness problems.

What Fishing Regions Can We Have Access To?

  • NEARSHORE – Out past Crab Island, through the Destin East Pass and out into the beautiful and bountiful Gulf of Mexico out as far as 6 to 9 miles.  Keep in mind the extended travel time when going offshore.
  • INSHORE – We have so many inshore areas from Panama City to Destin that it would take several trips to hit them all, so see the map below for an overview of the areas you can fish, including the Intercoastal Waterway, Choctawhatchee Bay, Santa Rosa Sound and The Gulf of Mexico. The variety of target options, settings and scenery make a Southern Renegade Trip well worth the travel time from spot to spot